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For those who don't know Jason Calacanis, he is an original co-founder of Weblogs, Inc. As such, he is also an original founder of Autoblog and AutoblogGreen, and though his tastes lie more towards the tech side of things, he always took in interest in cars. It's no surprise then that after moving on from Weblogs, Inc. and AOL to his newest project, the human-powered search engine called Mahalo, Jason put in one of the very first orders for a Tesla Roadster. That was many, many months ago, and about a week and a half ago, his car was finally delivered.

AutoblogGreen graciously accepted Jason's invitation to swing by Mahalo's offices in Santa Monica to catch up on old times and take the Tesla out for a spin. Jason's is one of the first Roadsters with the new v1.5 drivetrain installed, and as ABG points out, he was much more willing than most owners of a six-figure car to let us drive it.

A week later we had our own Drew Phillips meet up with Jason and his Roadster to do a proper SoCal photoshoot of the car. We absolutely love this car's paint job, which is a premium option called Very Orange with matching interior accents. Check out the full photoshoot in our high-res gallery below and ABG's video of the reunion with our founder by clicking here.

Gallery: Jason Calacanis' Tesla Roadster
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