The Nissan GT-R set the 'Ring on fire back in April with a single lap of 7:29. That news didn't go over well in Germany, where team Porsche insinuated that Nissan cheated by using a non-standard GT-R to achieve the supersonic time. Porsche even took a bone-stock GT-R to the 'Ring and its chief test track driver could only manage a 7:54. Nissan defended its time as legit and has provided solid evidence to support its case, but Porsche established enough doubt for Drivers Republic to bring a GT2 and GT-R to the famed Nürburgring to see which vehicle was faster.

Drivers Republic put both cars in the hands of an accomplished Nürburgring veteran, Chris Harris, who is also the author of this excellent article. Both vehicles were stock, except the Japanese-spec GT-R had its limiter removed. The Nissan also had Bridgetone rubber at the corners, which are actually different than the stickier Dunlops that Tochio Suzuki utilized during his 7:29 run. Nissan claims the soon-to-be-standard Dunlops are five seconds faster, but that's when in the hands of Mr. Suzuki who is one this planet's preeminent 'Ring racers. The track was wet during the run, which you would think favors the AWD GT-R, though Harris claims the GT2 felt faster in a straight line. You're probably dying to know which vehicle came out on top, and while we will tell you that one car was nine seconds faster than the other, you'll have to follow the read link below to find out for yourself.

[Source: Drivers Republic]

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