Dean Kamen and his inventions are often mentioned on these here pages, probably most often for the creation he is arguably best known for, the Segway. More recently, the inventor has begun tackling vehicles with twice the number of wheels. Using a Stirling external combustion engine to help generate electricity that powers secondary systems and can recharge the battery, Kamen's DEKA Revolt is based on an old Ford Th!nk electric car and can reportedly travel about 60 miles on a single charge of its lithium ion battery. If you happened to live on your own island, as Kamen does, that distance would always be plenty. In fact, Kamen considers himself Lord Dumpling, head, as it were, of the three acre North Dumpling Island that he calls home. He's planning to run again for the head-position next year, and we're pretty sure he's a lock considering he's both the only candidate and the only voter.
That island was recently cut-off the grid by the powers-that-be, which miffed Kamen a bit, as you might imagine. The good thing is that the inventor took the opportunity to make the entire country of Dumpling energy independent. Kamen's past inventions are proving handy, with electric Segways the most-used method of transportation, a custom water filtration system to clean the water and a methane-powered Stirling engine just for added coolness. We don't want to know where the methane is from.

[Source: Yahoo News]

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