Oh well. Those Chrysler "Let's Refuel America" gas cards undoubtedly sounded good to car buyers over the summer when gas was well over four bucks and it seemed like there was no limit to how high the price could go. Offered in lieu of rebates, the gas cards essentially locked drivers into the then-cheap pump price of $2.99/gallon. Now, several months (and countless hysterical media reports) later, the economy is in the tank and so, as it happens, is the price of gas. In what feels like a time warp, $2-per-gallon gas is suddenly not uncommon. That's great news for drivers in general, but less so for drivers holding the $2.99 gas cards, which don't seem like such a hot deal anymore. This is the gamble you take when you agree to a fixed price on a commodity subject to market fluctuations. It's the same issue some people now face with heating oil: over the summer, customers who locked-in a contracted price in fear of astronomical costs this winter are now set to pay through the nose, while others who gambled and decided to just pay market price are at an advantage. The good news for the Chrysler gas card holders: the price is good for a couple more years, so if gas shoots up again, they're back in the game. Thanks for the tip, Soh Won Cha!

[Sources: BNet, KPTV]

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