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This weekend's Porsche Panamera photos have everyone talking, and it had us thinking it's time for a Sunday Poll. Sportier, coupe-like four-doors are no longer a novelty; everyone's doing (or plans to do) it. So, given the choice, which one would you pick. Our candidates are a mix of cars already here, cars on the way, and one concept that seems like a lock to come to fruition. Are you beguiled or bewildered by Stuttgart's new four-door? Maybe you like Fisker's green-but-beautiful approach. How about the Mercedes CLS, which basically started this trend? VW's now in the game with the CC, and Aston's busy cooking up the production Rapide. Let's not forget Jaguar's wide-eyed kitty, the XF. And we'd be remiss if we left out the Lamborghini Estoque, a concept that has cash cow written all over it for Sant'Agata. So, throw all those pesky restrictions like budget and availability out the window. In your opinion, who's got the best take on the coupe-sedan look so far?

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