A story has surfaced on the Latin American Herald Tribune (a publication we hadn't previously heard of) stating that General Motors was planning to invest $1 billion in it's Brazilian operations to update its South American products. So far, that part of the story is true. However, that's where the truth apparently ends. The story goes on to say that GM plans to use money obtained from the proposed government bailout package to pay for the Brazilian investment.
We contacted General Motors to check on the story and spokesman Richard James replied, "I don't know if something got lost in translation but Jaime Ardila, President of GM Brazil did NOT say that funding for GMB projects would come from the US financial aid package. GM Brazil has $1 billion in investments that have already been approved but they will be financed by our Brazilian operations through local sources."

Just as Opel (GM's German division) is going to the German government for assistance, GM Brazil-Mercosur is raising capital in that country. During the congressional hearings this week, CEO Rick Wagoner also indicated that GM operations in different regions are each funding projects locally in response to a question about a recent expansion in Russia. It appears that any money that GM gets from the US government will stay here.

[Source: Latin American Herald Tribune]

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