The tireless promoters of the HH2 hydrogen system are in the basement of the LA Convention Center this week, not too far from the Intimate EV. Four vehicles, only one that was actually outfitted with the HH2 materials, are sitting in the tuner hall awaiting visitors. If you go, you'll be full in the mix of information and told that the system costs just $500 $899 and can be installed in any vehicle built after 1960 (and even some previous cars). There are also clip art posters of the Twin-H Hydrogen Power device. In fact, visiting the booth is kind of like looking at the company's website. A lot of all caps, a few typos, and plenty of claims of incredible benefits from putting a little water into a box under your hood. We won't repeat ourselves in full, but will say again that these systems don't work. Instead of visiting, it's perhaps a bit safer to check out the claims in our gallery below.

UPDATE: The proprietors of the HH2 booth have issued a response to this post. Read it below.

Response from Dr. Derek Zupancic, CEO HydrolectricPower LLC:
We are HH2 a totally different technology that is safe and really works very well.

We create Hydrogen and Oxygen from water, but, each is created separately from each other and never combine to form the explosive gas HHO or Browns gas. HHO is classified as an explosive.

Whom did you speak with at the show, can you please describe this person, we never have had a price on any HH2 units less then $899.00 retail.

Our units were tested and we have been given a California Air Resources Board Executive Order D-643, the only UNIVERSAL order issued for the HH2 Hydrogen Generator Clean Air Combustion System.

Our devices do work and work very well, as they are designed to remove toxins, particulate matter and other poisons from automobile gasoline and diesel engines by incinerating all fuel in the combustion chamber at a burn temperature of 3000 degrees.

We never make a MPG claim, though we improve fuel economy, we do claim cleaner fresh air exhaust from ICE vehicles with our system. We get power and performance increases and Hydrogen removes carbon from the vehicles engine, cat converter and exhaust systems. We only show MPG related to actual vehicle tests and reports from customers as to any improvements, we also have a disclaimer label we put on vehicles and at the bottom of our pass out paper at the show.

Our system is NOT a HHO explosive system that you see on the web and in popular mechanics, the State of California would never approve a rolling bomb installed in a Soccer Mom's car with 6 kids in it.

Our system is very unique in its method of electrolysis, construction, function and it uses a little of the unused electrical energy from the battery, we do not take power from the engine, only some of the surplus power.

The HH2 device separates Hydrogen and Oxygen gases from distilled water, and each gas is released separated from each other and they are never combined to form the deadly HHO or Browns Gas.

We induce the Hydrogen by itself into the air cleaner box, it binds with incoming air of which 78% is nitrogen, and when the Hydrogen binds with the Nitrogen it enters the intake for the engine as a catalyst, rather than a fuel source, HHO systems attempt to use Hydrogen as a fuel substitute, we do not.

We even take the Oxygen gas and induct it into some of the vehicles, but, only after the Hydrogen and Nitrogen are in the air intake system, the Nitrogen prevents the Oxygen from combining to form HHO gases.

We were greatly offended by your statements as you never spoke with myself or any directors of the company. I really can prove everything we say, we have tests that show little or no exhaust pollution discharges, the exhaust smells like warm moist air, fuel economy is averaging around 35 to 40% savings, we work with gasoline and diesel and we are the only company approved by CARB for sale in California.

CARB is the worlds toughest agency in regard to emissions and pollution, and once we have CARB approval we are accepted worldwide by countries and states as they accept the CARB E.O. number D-643 that we are required to place on all units and attach the same number to the underside of the hood of the vehicle it is installed in. Also, only professional installation is allowed, and when a certified installation is completed, the buyer may apply for tax credits for the cost and installation of the devices through the Internal Revenue Service using form 8911 when they are filing their tax returns.

It may be possible that someone other than one of our staff spoke with you, I have asked everyone that was working in our booth, and every person stated they never told anyone a $500.00 price.

It would be my pleasure to show you our system and how it works. Even our competition has purchased our system (water4gas) and had huge success in a cross country trip experiencing little or no emissions and MPG in the 60 to 70 mpg range, saving 50% on their fuel bill going to the HHOGames in Florida.

Posts on the HHOGames website state our product is one of the best they have ever seen.

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