Much ado was made about the Big 3 CEOs choice of travel to Washington D.C. this week. Each one flew to our nation's capital in separate private jets, a fact that was mentioned by many politicians during two days of testimony before Congress. While it's this blogger's personal opinion that politicians took the opportunity to grandstand a bit too far on this point, nevertheless, it was a boneheaded move by the Big 3 that they should've seen coming. We've learned today that fewer employees will get to fly the friendly skies in one of General Motors' corporate jets, as the automaker has announced it will be ridding itself of two. That will cut down the current corporate fleet of leased jets from five to three, and an additional two were gotten rid of last September. In addition to dumping the G5s, GM is also cutting half its air travel staff and restricting all forms of employee travel to slow the rate of cash its burning through each month, which in the third quarter reached $6.9 billion/month. Thanks for the tip, Aaron!

[Source:, Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty]

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