Do you remember your Ecology 101 lessons? One of the first lessons is always "reuse." Volvo has taken the role of teacher and is telling us about its new Greenline initiative. What's this about? A range of "renewed" vehicle components which are procured by recycling components from scrapped Volvos. Specifically, old Volvo parts that the company inspects. According to Volvo, the renewed pieces not only get an inspection to determine suitability, but they must also reach same quality standard as new pieces. What's even better, Volvo backs these components with its standard 12-month warranty. To put this into a somewhat odd numerical comparison: 400 new subframes from the Volvo S80 use the same energy as heating 17 Nordic houses for a year, whereas remanufacturing them saves 52 tons of CO2. Other parts refurbished in the Greenline range include propshafts, throttle assemblies, various brackets, spring/struts and chassis members, and Volvo plans to add more in the future.
[Source: Volvo]

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