It's not unusual to think that giving back is a good thing. Nathan Kift, from Gloucester, England, thought that he could give something back to the hospital who helped his son, Archie, get through 8 weeks at the Special Care Baby Unit. So, after a suggestion of the nurses in the hospital - who loved the car Kift's smart fortwo - the Kift family decided to do charity with his smart, and he and his step-brother did a fundraising run. Where did they decide to go? To Venice, Italy, a city without cars, hence the "smart2venice" name. Nathan found the smart to be more than capable of such a long rally, which took seven days. Even when driven 12 hours a day, the car "remained comfortable and performed superbly, especially when it came to fuel economy and crossing the Alps," the Kift's said in a statement. They managed to raise £5,500 – the biggest single donation that the Hospital's associated charity, called Scoo-B-Doo, has ever received.

[Source: Smart2venice]

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