While there is definitely a huge rift between those who favor a Detroit bailout and those who would rather see the Big 3 fade away, you'd think that someone like Flint-native and documentary maker Michael Moore would be all in favor of helping the Big Three succeed. After all, Moore rose to fame for his first documentary entitled "Roger and Me" that featured then-CEO of General Motors Roger Smith. According to this piece in the Detroit News, however, Moore doesn't profess unconditional support for a Big 3 bailout. It seems he has mixed feelings about the whole situation.
Moore was on Larry King last night saying that the automakers ignored the wishes of consumers by continuing to build bigger vehicles just to maximize profits. Foreign automakers, on the other hand, built SUVs and more fuel-efficient vehicles in other categories. Moore elaborated by saying that
the current managers don't deserve a dime, but that it would be terrible if so many people lost jobs because of them. He went on to suggest that Congress should demand change for any money given out, including building up alternative fueled vehicles and mass transit in the country.

[Source: Detroit News]

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