It's been a while since we've posted about a 60 mpg three-wheel car but when a reader let us know about the EMC3 appearing at the recent Seattle Autoshow (thanks, Troy!), we had to make a little room for it. According to the Eco Motor Company's website the tricycle began its life as a summer project by David Joner and his two kids. Soon others (grown-ups) joined in the effort and after several years, the EMC3was born.

Although the three-wheeled configuration allows them to classify it as a motorcycle and thus avoid some of the regulatory scrutiny involved with selling cars with four tires, the vehicle is said to have been designed with safety in mind. In addition to the roll bar, side-impact beams and crumple zones, it also comes equipped with two airbags. It's powered by a one liter 3 cylinder gas engine to get you going and disc brakes to make you stop. Choosing the available automatic transmission ups the price by $1,000 or you can stick with the 5-speed and pay only $13,995. Expected to be available early 2009, the company is taking reservations now.

Sept. 2010 Update: There's this. Posted without comment.

[Source: Eco Motor Company]

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