The crew at the Automotive X-Prize are still plugging away at making the $10 million prize competition a reality beginning in 2009. Here at the Los Angeles Auto Show, they have announced the first 22 officially registered teams for the competition. While most of the competitors fall into the category of independents, there are a few names you might recognize. Among those are Tata Motors, Aptera, MDI and Zap. Tata is entering a battery-powered version of the Nano and a hybrid version of the Indica. MDI will be trotting out its compressed air powered car and Zap will go for the gold with its 3-wheeled Alias. Of the entrants so far, eleven are in the mainstream class with the rest going for the alternative class. Teams can still enter until early 2009. After that the competitors will go on the road to a series of cities for the actual competition. The list of cities that will play host to the X-Prize will be announced in early 2009. Details after the jump.

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Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE Announces First Round of Registered Teams in Competition to Develop 100 MPGe Vehicles

Tata Motors and Aptera Among First Wave of Contenders Moving To Next Stage of Competition

Los Angeles, Calif., November 19, 2008 -Today at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the Progressive Insurance
Automotive X PRIZE announced that 22 contenders have applied and been accepted to Registered Team status, in the multimillion dollar competition designed to inspire a new generation of viable, super fuel-efficient vehicles.

These Registered Teams, representing 5 countries, 10 states and 28 vehicles altogether, are among the first to have submitted their registration applications, a crucial step towards ensuring that they are at the starting line when the stage race portion of the competition kicks off next year. Additional entrants have until early 2009 to submit their applications.

The following teams will spend the next year refining their automobile(s) and business models in order to participate in those stage races. Several other teams have been accepted, but remain confidential.

Vehicle Name: 426 Wedge
Fuel Type: Gas, Optional Plug-in
Class: Mainstream

• APTERA-California (USA)
Vehicle Name: The Aptera
Fuel Type: Electric / Hybrid
Class: Alternative

• AVION – Washington (USA)
Class: Alternative

• BDCOTSRUS – Florida (USA)
Vehicle Name: BD1
Fuel Type: Diesel / Electric Grid
Class: Mainstream

Fuel Type: Gasoline or Natural
Class: Mainstream

• ENERMOTION – Ontario
Vehicle Name: XP100
Class: Mainstream

• ENVERA – California (USA)
Vehicle Name: XP1
Fuel Type: Premium Gasoline
Class: Alternative

Vehicle Name: MAX
Fuel Type: Diesel (petro, bio or
straight vegetable oil)
Class: Alternative

• KINETIX MOTORS – California
Vehicle Name: E4 Sport Hatch
Fuel Type: Diesel
Class: Mainstream

• MDI / ZPM – Nice (France)/
New York (USA)
Vehicle Name: Air Car
Fuel Type: Compressed Air
Class: Alternative

• MILLMAC – Florida (USA)
Vehicle Name: Ceata
Fuel Type: Gasoline and Ethanol
(or combo)
Class: Mainstream

CORP. – North Carolina (USA)
Vehicle Name: EMC 2 Plus
Fuel Type: Primary Gasoline,
Alternatives Propane, Natural Gas,
Diesel, Ethanol
Class: Mainstream

HAVASU – Arizona (USA)
Vehicle Name: Green Giant
Fuel Type: Electric, Diesel,
Steam/waste heat, Solar PV,
Class: Mainstream

Maryland (USA)
Vehicle Name: Insight 1G
Fuel Type: Diesel or Biodiesel
Class: Alternative

Vehicle Name: Electric MINI
Fuel Type: Electricity
Class: Mainstream

• TATA MOTORS – India and
Coventry (UK)
Vehicle Name: Indica Vista Hybrid
and Nano EV
Fuel Type: Electricity/Gasoline
Class: Mainstream and Alternative

• TTW ITALIA – Turin (Italy)
Vehicle Name: TTW Vehicle 1
Fuel Type: CNG
Class: Alternative

UNIVERSITY – Washington
Vehicle Name: Viking 45
Fuel Type: Gasoline, Electricity,
Class: Alternative

• WIKISPEED – Colorado (USA)
Vehicle Name: SGT01
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Class: Mainstream

• ZAP-California (USA)
Vehicle Name: Alias
Fuel Type: Electric
Class: Alternative

Final confirmation of each team's Registered Team status will occur when they sign a Master Team Agreement (MTA) upon its release later this year.

"We congratulate this first group of competitors on their continued commitment to developing more super fuel efficient car choices," noted Julie Zona, Director of Team Development and Relations for the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE. "The technologies reflected in this first wave of Registered Teams are as diverse as the teams themselves, and we look forward to hearing more about their individual ideas in advance of the stage race competition."

A project of the X PRIZE Foundation, the independent and technology-neutral competition is open to teams from around the world who can design, build and bring to market 100 MPG or energy equivalent (MPGe) fuel economy vehicles that people want to buy. More than 100 additional teams have signed Letters of Intent to compete for their share of the $10 million prize purse, funded by Progressive, and are actively considering entry.

The competition is expected to travel through multiple cities in 2009 and 2010, building consumer demand for vehicles in the competition and demonstrating many practical, clean and affordable vehicle options. Cities involved in the competition route are expected to be announced in early 2009. Winners will be announced in 2010.

About the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE Competition:
The goal of the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE, a project of the X PRIZE Foundation, is to inspire a new generation of viable, super fuel-efficient vehicles that offer more consumer choices. Ten million dollars in prizes will be awarded to the teams that win a stage race for clean, production-capable vehicles that exceed 100 MPGe.

The Progressive Automotive X PRIZE will place a major focus on affordability, safety, and the environment. It is about developing real, production-capable cars that consumers want to buy, not science projects or concept cars. This progress is needed because today's oil consumption is unsustainable and because automotive emissions significantly contribute to global warming and climate change. For more information about the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE, please visit or email

About Progressive:
Progressive, founded in 1937, is one of the country's largest auto insurance groups and a leading insurer of motorcycles, recreation vehicles, boats, and commercial vehicles. The Company offers competitive rates and innovative products and services that meet drivers' needs throughout their lifetimes as well as 24/7 online and in-person customer and claims service.

One of Progressive's Core Values is Excellence. To the Company's more than 27,000 people, it simply means seeking constant improvement. Over time, this has meant introducing revolutionary ideas that make car insurance easier to shop for, buy and use. It's this same innovative spirit that's behind the Company's sponsorship of the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE. The Progressive Automotive X PRIZE will inspire innovation that will produce more fuel efficient vehicle choices, helping to make a difference in people's lives.

Progressive's products and services are available locally through more than 30,000 independent insurance agencies in the U.S., online at and by phone at 1-800-PROGRESSIVE (1-800-776-4737).

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