The 2010 Mustang is finally out in the open (check out our Officially, Official: 2010 Ford Mustang post), and so far we like what we see. Ford has given its iconic pony car a very thorough makeover inside and out, with sexier, more modern sheet metal and interior materials that are far superior to the current model. The Mustang's basic powertrains carry over with a modest power boost for the V8 model, and Blue Oval brass ensure us that the Mustang's ride and handling will be greatly improved, as well.

We were able to get the Mustang's head exterior and interior designers, as well as the pony car's head engineer to give us as many 2010 Mustang details as possible. The video above is five minutes in length and worth every second watching, and we covered the talking heads with plenty of footage of Ford's newest Mustang to keep things interesting. Enjoy.

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