Click above for more custom renderings of the BMW Lo Rider concept

When BMW introduced its Lo Rider motorcycle concept on the unsuspecting public at the EICMA Show, officials for the German cycle manufacturer said that it designed the bike to be owner-customizable. Guess what? They weren't joking, and to prove it, the manufacturer has let loose more than a dozen renderings of possible custom Lo Riders. Much like what Harley-Davidson has done, BMW has created a single platform that offers customization through various saddles, handlebars, headlights and exhaust systems. By varying things like the seat height and footpeg location, the Lo Rider could offer either a very sporty ride or a machine for laid back cruising.

This theme is something new to BMW Motorrad, which has traditionally been much more at home designing long-distance touring mounts and standard bikes. More recently, the cycle maker has branched out into all-road style machinery under its GS label and super sporty bikes under its K-Series nameplate. In the late '90s BMW introduced the R1200C to combat the growing number of HDs and Japanese cruisers, and it is this custom crowd that the Lo Rider is aimed at. We hope to see more bikes from BMW that follow this pattern.

[Source: Motorcycle News]

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