This has been a good year for concept cars with green themes. It kicked off in Detroit where Chrysler showed off its trio of electric-drive rides, and where we also saw appearances from the likes of the Mazda Furai and the Land Rover LRX. Later in New York we were introduced to the, um, "interesting personality" of the Scion Hako Coupe concept and it's sexier box-shaped compatriot, the Nissan Denki Cube.

The "Old World" gave us Honda OSM Roadster concept at the British International Motor Show and Paris, ah sweet Paris. There we saw a veritable plethora of green concepts that included such lovelies as the Peugeot RC HYmotion4 concept and the Nissan Nuvu.

So, with all of the choices out there, how is it that Autocar Magazine chose the Citroën Hypnos as the concept car of the year? While the exterior isn't bad, (almost as sweet as their GTbyCITROEN) the interior makes us more than a little dizzy with its"morphologically-sculpted" rainbow imbued seats. We won't allow ourselves to take the low road and suggest they are "on the take" but we might recommend that they may want to get their water tested. What would our choice have been? While we haven't yet conducted an internal poll, the Pininfarina Sintesi introduced at Geneva would certainly be a strong contender.

[Source: Autocar Magazine]

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