Neil Young suggests that we "turn the page" in the drama that is the Detroit 3's history of producing automobiles by cutting out all internal combustion engines. The rock star says that the automakers "should only get [a bailout] if they agree to stop building autos that contribute to global warming now." That's a tough one. How does Young suggest that the American auto companies put an instant end to cars powered by fossil fuels? Keep building the same cars and trucks that are currently being assembled, minus the drivetrain. Interesting... cars that can't power themselves coming from Detroit - Young calls them Transition Rollers. What next? Each of the Detroit automakers would need to convert one factory to "repower" the rollers to "self charging electric vehicles."

Mr. Young's idea is novel to say the least, but entirely impractical. As Young himself has proven with his Linc Volt electric car, it is possible to create electric vehicles that are powered by motors and batteries, but there are simply not enough batteries around to power every new car sold. Plus, Young's idea of a "self charging" electric car needs a little work, as no such thing currently exists with known technology - including with on-demand hydrogen. We happen to be proponents of alternative powertrains, but we also understand that such a drastic switch in our automotive manufacturing is impossible.

[Source: Huffington Post via Autofiends]

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