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General Motors is still hard at work on its Volt concept, as proven by these latest images of the car's interior. To the uninformed person, there doesn't seem to be many real changes made, but a closer examination proves otherwise. First, the LCD screen at the top of the car's center stack has been revised and it now looks better integrated into the dash. Before, says Volt design chief Bob Boniface, people thought that the screen moved, which it doesn't. The design team has also added "pill-shaped targets" that offer a tactile feel for the flat-surface buttons, which also make an auditory sound when activated.

Another slight change was made to the center vents, which are now oriented vertically instead of horizontally and are better integrated into the center stack. We liked what we had seen from the first interior, and we think it's even better with this first revision. There is still quite a bit of time before production Volts make it into consumer's hands, so this may not be the last modification made to either the interior before all is said and done. See the original interior design here.


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