Dodge has their recently revealed electric vehicle line-up in L.A for the upcoming Auto Show and, at the tail end of a press event in the Rosebowl parking lot, had occasion to indulge in a little "impromptu" drag racing. The two cars involved were the Lotus Europa Dodge EV and a Dodge Challenger they "just happened" to have laying around. Now, electric cars are known for their instant torque off the line and, as the Tesla Roadster recently demonstrated, make pretty good quarter mile sprinters. However, the Challenger not only looks intimidating but packs a lung disease-inducing 6.1 liter Hemi under it's striped hood. That's good for 425 horses with 420 lb ft of torque. Yikes! The Dodge EV has its own secret weapon though (its driver) and gamely noses up to the line for the confrontation. Hit the jump to watch the pair of parking lot passes.

[Source: Los Angeles Times]

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