Writing about cars for a living is a great gig, but as we're sporadically reminded, not without its occasional dangers. Few know that as well as the guys on BBC's Top Gear, where Richard Hammond miraculously recovered from a spectacular 280+ mph jet-powered dragster crash and Clarkson was recently involved in a head-on collision on location. But with franchises being set up in Australia, Russia and the United States, we knew it was only a matter of time before one of the local hosts followed suite, but we didn't think it would be the pretty boy in the hybrid.

According to Stromer's account, he was rollin' down the street in Hollywood, sipping on gin and juice a "triple grande nonfat latte" in his Camry Hybrid when someone rear-ended him, flipping the Toyota up on its side, sliding 50 feet down the street and roof-first into a curbside palm tree. None of the airbags deployed (suprisingly) and People Magazine's "sexiest man alive" emerged unharmed, so our base audience of middle-aged women can rest easy. Meanwhile, given the incident, we're not sure if we feel better or worse about Stromer's role in the show, but at very least he's proven he can demolish puppy-tear-powered family sedans as well as he can drywall.

To listen to how Stromer was "raped in a Camry" on TG co-host Adam Corolla's radio program, click here.

[Source: The Adam Corolla Show via Jalopnik]

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