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Perhaps best known for his customized Corvettes, Reeves Callaway is also the brains behind a technical and engineering consulting company. A few years ago, he showed the world a V16 motor he built using four Yamaha 1,000 cc motorcycle engines mounted on a unique block. Dubbed the Cyclone, this 4.0L mill was good for 550 hp @ 10,000 rpm. While it is undeniably long at just over 36 inches, the aluminum block helps keep its dry weight down at just 334 lbs. Callaway used the Yamaha motors because his company helped develop their 5-valve heads and Reeves believes they are still among the best-built engines he has ever seen.

While the Cyclone project was started for little more than kicks and giggles, Reeves and his son Peter dragged it out to Cars & Coffee in Irvine, CA yesterday morning and hinted that we might be seeing this engine again soon, in the engine bay of a new Callaway show car. Alluding to such great automotive designs as the legendary Auto Union Type D, Callaway said we shouldn't be surprised to see this engine in something that marries that type of design ethos with a modern sensibility. No date was given for the car's debut, but Reeves said it will be completed eventually. Whatever it ends up looking like, we think we might like a ride in it. In current tune, the redline has been lifted to 11,500 rpm, allowing horsepower to swell to 640. it will certainly be entertaining.

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