Now that the domestic industry is in dire need of cash, the American taxpayer is being bombarded with facts and figures purporting to show just how vital the industry is for the health of the overall economy. Hundreds of thousands of jobs at the automakers, millions more from suppliers and dealers -- the numbers seem to change each time, but they're always substantial. Problem is, it seems only GM and Ford ever get quoted, so Chrysler went ahead and whipped up its own little video. Hit the jump to view Chrysler's 2:42 docudrama filled with still more numbers touting the industry's importance. For example, active Ford, GM, and Chrysler employees make $22 billion per year in salaries, and the three companies pay $21 billion in retirement and health care costs. Chrysler also states that the amount of people whose wages depend on autos either directly or indirectly are equal to the population of South Carolina.

[Source: YouTube]

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