Looking back at the year that was, what struck your fancy? The editors at Popular Science have dug deep into the automotive world of technology and come up with their choices for the Best of What's New special section. Not surprisingly, green technology advancements make up a large portion of the mag's list, including Ford's upcoming line of EcoBoost engines, the Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen car, and Ford's capless fuel filler. Interestingly, though, the EcoBoost series of powerplants have yet to see the light of day in 2008 models, though we're expecting to see them relatively soon. Also, the FCX Clarity is most definitely a technological marvel, but it costs about as much as a ride to the moon and is only available to a select few individuals in California at the moment. That leaves us with the capless fuel filler, which is indeed available on real models in 2008. Dubbed Direct Fill System, the capless filler reduces evaporative emissions, but it's not without potential problems.

[Source: Popular Science]

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