With the domestic auto industry hurting like never before, most analysts expect budgets for motorsports activities to drop dramatically in the coming few months. This slowdown of funds will surely impact NASCAR, which sees participation from each of the Detroit 3 along with Toyota. Despite being one of the most visible racing organizations in the United States, it's also one of the most expensive for teams to operate, with some estimates pegging a single day's worth of track testing at over $100,000 per car. Large teams can expect to save a few million bucks per year in expenses due to the new policy.

Just a few months back, however, NASCAR teams were pushing for more testing sessions at more tracks, and officials had proposed a new plan that would have increased testing sessions to 24 per year. That tactic would have increased the amount of money that teams and sponsors would need to spend by a substantial figure. Although we're not big NASCAR watchers, we tend to think that the change could actually benefit the series, since it could level the playing field and make for better racing. We'll see if we're right in just a few months.

[Source: NASCAR]

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