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Over at the MINI micro-site (is that redundant?) MINISpace the editors have posted an interview with Dr. Wolfgang Armbrecht, Senior Vice President Brand Management MINI, and Ulrich Kranz, Head of Project i about the company's new electric car. The MINI E will be officially unveiled next Wednesday morning in Los Angeles, although we'll be getting full technical low-down a day earlier. Armbrecht and Kranz don't actually reveal a whole lot about the battery-powered two seater that we didn't already know, but if you haven't been paying attention, it's a good way to catch up. The MINI E is basically a beta test for BMW engineers to learn more about how lithium ion-powered plug-in cars perform in real world conditions. In a relatively unusual move, people in the warm climes of the west coast don't get an exclusive on this one. Customers in the New York/New Jersey area will be able to try out the MINI E in the cold as well. We'll be interested to see how it fares.

[Source: MINISpace]

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