When we last spoke to Ample Motion, they were offering a special deal to visitors at the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo. Namely, a steep discount on the 2010 R300 plug-in truck. Turns out the $29,999 offer is still good thanks to what the company claims was an "overwhelming response."

The November issue of the Ample Motion newsletter has more good news from the team. Their promotional EV ( a painted RAV4 EV, I believe) is making a tour stop in Singapore to promote the company's work. More information is available at the Ample website and the new Ample Motion blog. That blog, you should be warned, is part PHEV updates and part inspirational testimony that references Donald Trump, Pastor Joseph Prince (who wrote a book with the subtitle "The Secret to Effortless Success") and "Rich Dad" Robert Kiyosaki. Just so you know what you're getting into over there.

[Source: Ample Motion]

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