Forecasting flaps for Tesla, Nissan and Chevy. Highlighting the limited range batteries offer. Wondering how well they would perform under less-than-ideal conditions. Explaining the cost of replacing li-ion batteries.There's a lot of electric vehicle and plug-in criticism going on on Greg Blencoe's self-defined "for hydrogen advocates only" blog post that has gathered up 25 quotes from Toyota and Honda executives. Blencoe also found five additional quotes from sources outside of the Japanese automakers are added at the end (one coming from us) that plainly criticize EVs and plug-ins. Blencoe is the CEO of Hydrogen Discoveries, a hydrogen pipeline start-up company based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and he gets some credit for collecting these in one place, but we're not sure that using quotes from five people talking to different media outlets at different times should really count as 25.

[Source: Hydrogen Discoveries]

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