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The Nürburgring in Germany has gained notoriety of late as being the battleground on which automakers pit their weapons-grade production sports cars against each other for lap time bragging rights. Open to the public through the months of April and October, it is also the Mecca for any motoring enthusiast worth his or her salt. We're told a whole heck of a lot of construction is going on at the track right now, which is part of a €215 million investment in upgrades that will help the Green Hell attract more patrons and open it up for the entire year.

The new development includes some outlandish additions, so much so that we checked the calendar to see if the first day of April had come early. They include a 15,000 square-meter theme park with the world's fastest roller coaster that runs alongside the track; a 6,000-seat arena for "everything from boxing matches and beach volleyball to new car presentations"; 100 budget condos; a second hotel; a casino, steakhouse, bar and disco; a heli-pad; new Welcome Center; motorsport mall with Ferrari, Aston Martin, Nissan, Yokohama and Bilstein showrooms.

The Nürburgring and the area surrounding the track currently don't offer much in the way of food and entertainment for those who make the journey, so this new development work may be welcomed by petrol-addicted pilgrims. We're told work started a year ago and its completion is still on track for a June 11, 2009 deadline.

[Source: CAR Magazine]

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