James Glickenhaus is best known in these parts as the rich guy who paid Pininfarina a lot of money to create a custom body for his Ferrari Enzo, thus creating the renowned and oft-driven Ferrari P4/5. Apparently Glickenhaus is not strictly a Ferrari fan, as he has now become the first of 100 Americans to receive the keys to a U.S.-spec Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione coupe. Glickenhaus even reportedly paid enough extra for his 8C Competizione to get the Alfa Romeo factory to finish his car in the same shade of red used on his one-of-a-kind P4/5. Shortly after Glickenhaus took the keys and went for a first drive, the same dealership handed over two more 8Cs to slightly lesser mortals.

[Source: VeloceToday via AutoFiends]

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