When automakers are throwing thousands of dollars of incentives on the hoods of their wares in an effort to stimulate sales, what good would another $1,500 on a $25,000 car do? As the recent sales numbers show, buyers aren't being taken in by the constant sounding of the "SELL SELL SELL!" klaxon. Great deals on new cars are out there to be had, if only anyone had some money.
Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland thinks that the economic panic can be partially abated by allowing buyers of new vehicles to deduct auto loan interest, fees, and sales tax related to the purchase of a new car from their income tax. The proposed initiative would run from now through the end of 2009, and is only for families earning less than $250,000, or individuals making $125,000. Hey, nobody is really going to complain about getting a tax break, but it seems that buyers have already shown that they're wary, even with fantastic deals to be had.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

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