Motor Trend has a drawing of what they think a Toyota Prius coupe might look like if one were built. Actually MT seems pretty convinced that this two door version of the hybrid icon will come to fruition as part of a whole line of Prius-badged vehicles. The rationale would be offer something to compete more directly with the production version of Honda's CR-Z hybrid coupe. The Prius coupe would presumably be lighter and therefore offer better performance than the five door hatchback. To make it worthwhile, though, Toyota would have to give up the very low rolling resistance tires in favor of something with a little more grip than is currently available.
It's possible that a production version of the A-BAT pickup that appeared at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show could get Prius badging. Or perhaps none of this will happen if Toyota decides it doesn't really need a fourth brand alongside Scion and Lexus. Perhaps the debut of the 2010 Prius in Detroit will answer some of these questions. Or not.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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