The massive-looking NV2500 concept scheduled to be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show this January signals Nissan's interest in the commercial vehicle market. A quick glance at the trademark website shows that the hulking Nissan won't be alone if it ever hits the market. Mike Levine over at put his Sherlock Holmes hat on and discovered that Nissan also had the names NV1500 and NV3500 earmarked for potential use. The Japanese automaker has a similar naming convention for pickups, too.

The trademark site shows that Nissan also purchased NP1500 through NP5500. The NP stands for Nissan Pickup, and the trademark site specifically mentions that vehicles with the NP designation are for use with pickup trucks. Could NV and NP be the new naming scheme for Nissan trucks and vans? Does the NP1500 mean that the Titan name is heading out to pasture? We don't know for sure, but since we're quickly approaching auto show season, we could well find out soon enough.

[Source: Pickuptrucks]

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