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Go figure. Nissan's playing the debut of the revised and now U.S.-bound Cube very, very close to the vest. We say this because there are photos of the new 370Z all over the place -- released by Nissan, no less. The Cube? Not so much. We posted leaked imagery, and were subsequently forced to pull them down, so we know they were accurate. (No worries, scraped copies of that post are all over the web. Click away.) Aside from that, the only other views of the redesigned Cube came courtesy of Tomica's new die-cast. So it was with excitement that we opened this new Cube teaser video released by Nissan (view after the jump), only to find that it shows absolutely nothing except the logo. We're waiting like everyone else for the car's debut next week at the LA Auto Show. In the interim, you can pass the time by reading our review of the current JDM model.

[Source: Nissan]

Nissan Cube TEASER Video

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