LA Preview: Kia to debut fuel cell-powered Borrego SUV

Apparently the production version of the Kia Soul won't be the only debut on the Kia stand next week in Los Angeles. Kia will also be featuring a version of its new Borrego SUV with electric drive and a hydrogen fuel cell. The fuel cell stack is the fourth generation of Hyundai's in-house developed system as in the i-Blue concept that appeared at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show. In the Borrego FCEV the stack will provide power for a 154 hp electric motor and the vehicle should have of about 315 miles. The new stack design is also expected to have cold starting capability down to -30 o C. Kia is evidently planning a low volume production test using the Borrego FCEV in South Korea beginning in 2010, similar to what Honda has been doing with its FCX Clarity program.

[Source: Kia-World]

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