Residents of several European countries may have their mail delivered by workers in small electric vehicles if tests of the "Free Duck" being carried out in the Danube town of Russe, Bulgaria for the next two years prove successful. The purpose-designed vehicle with seating for one is said to be capable of handling about 440 lbs (we suspect that includes the driver) and can reach speeds of 28 mph. The "Duck" is the result of a collaborative effort between two universities and several European postal agencies who teamed up to create an emissions-free efficient delivery vehicle for dense urban areas. The first prototype was delivered Tuesday and in addition to much praise, also received a "ritual baptism" (we're not making this up) by the Mayor of Russe, Bozhidar Yotov. Powered by eight 12 volt batteries, the EV has a range of 28 miles and likely got its unusual name from its fume-free status and the fact the it was produced for the project by the famed Italian company, Ducati.

[Source: News.BG / Sofia News Agency]

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