We imagine just about anyone whose heart is still beating would be excited about their Tesla Roadster arriving factory fresh and being mere hours away from pure driving bliss. Perhaps none more so than the filmmaker whose first electric auto, an EV1 that he drove and cherished for 5 years, needlessly met its end in a cruel car crushing catastrophe. Yes, Chris Paine, the man behind the "Who Killed the Electric Car" documentary, will officially be handed the keys to his 4-wheeled silver hotness at Tesla's L.A. showroom on Thursday at noon. It's been two years since his film's producer, Dean Devlin, challenged him to put an order in for one of the cars and despite having only seen 3 seconds of footage of the Roadster at that time, the deal was done. Luckily, Paine wasn't so excited that he couldn't stop to blog on his movie sequel's website "Revenge of the Electric Car" about his plastic-wrapped electric sports car arriving. We suspect once the car is delivered, he may have better things to do for a while. In an interesting turn of events, the man handing over the keys is Bob Sexton, the mechanic who used to rotate the tires on his old EV1.

[Source: Revenge of the Electric Car]

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