Click above for high-res shots of the Bolwell Nagari

The Bolwell Nagari that we looked at a few months back is finally ready for production. Using a carbon-intensive composite chassis and body, the new supercar weighs just over one ton, so its 295 horsepower Toyota-made 3.5-liter V6 should move it all along quite nicely. That engine is paired with a paddle-shifted transmission, all of which sits in the middle of the car and powers the rear wheels.

Initially, all Nagari's will be powered by the lone naturally aspirated engine, but the company would like to offer a hotter supercharged version in the future. Even better, the rumors of an electric version of the new Australian sportscar are still alive and well. We don't have any real details on what kind of motor or batteries would be used, or what the price would be. For what it's worth, the standard model is slated to go on sale for just under $200K in Australia, about $130,000 in U.S. dollars.

[Source: Go Auto via World Car Fans]

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