We're always up for a new 3-Series, and a performance variant straight from the manufacturer is even better. It looks like a new Bimmer is forthcoming from BMW performance, and the post-jump YouTube video shows just enough to keep us intrigued. We can catch a few details, and from what we can see and hear, this new performance Bimmer sedan will likely be faster and lighter than the standard 3. What it doesn't look like is an upgraded M3, as the front air dam isn't as large or aggressive as its M-powered sibling and it's lacking the M's quad-tip exhausts. What we do see is BMW Performance badging, carbon fiber side mirrors, and plenty of plastic molding to keep the souped-up 3-Series closer to the ground. BMW did mention that we'd see the new Performance 3-Series in its entirety some time in November, and we'll be first to show it to you when it hits the Internets. Hit the jump to view BMW's 40 second teaser video, and make sure to turn up your speakers.

[Source: eGMCarTech]

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