Energy costs are play a huge part in the potential profitability of package delivery companies like UPS, DHL and FedEx. That's why all these companies are experimenting with alternative drive vehicles to conduct business. Here in the U.S., UPS has been testing hydraulic hybrid vehicles while over in the UK, the company known for its brown vans is going electric. UPS has just ordered 12 electric vans from Modec. The company's UK and German fleets will each get six vans starting next February. UPS has already been testing one of the vans out of its main London facility for nine months. During that time the van averaged 18 miles per day and only used a quarter of its battery charge capability per day. For an application like package delivery in a dense urban environment like London low mileage is probably fairly typical so range is not as much of a concern. The constant starting and stopping also provides a lot of opportunity for regenerative braking, further improving the range.

[Source: Modec]

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