In a little over 61 days, Toyota will unleash the third-generation of its world-beating hybrid, the Prius. We've already grown a bit tired of being teased with shots of Prius bits that are seemingly only interesting to the few super-duper die-hard fans of Toyota's hybrid hatch, but the appearance of a new mini-site with the always-fun countdown clock for the car is kinda cool. We also dig the imagery of the now-iconic slippery shape of the car as it shows off its wind tunnel supremacy. For the record, we're pretty sure that Toyota isn't planning on releasing a new wheel-less hovering version of its hybrid, regardless of what the micro-site seems to indicate.

Until the new Prius gets its official debut in January at the Detroit Auto Show, we're pretty confident that Toyota will continue releasing its teasers. Sorry. Keep your eyes on the automaker's site in the meantime, watching as the countdown clock slowly ticks away towards Sunday, January 11th.

[Source: Toyota]

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