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We've known since last January that Toyota will debut a pair of hybrid cars at the next Detroit Auto show. One is the replacement for the current Prius, while the other is a Lexus-badged car sharing the same architecture. Japanese magazine Mag-X has renderings of what they expect the Lexus HS250h to look like. If they are correct it will be a sort of mini version of the current IS with the short deck and sloping nose of the Prius. The magazine is claiming the Lexus will use a 2.4L four cylinder with the hybrid drive system rather than the 1.8L in the Prius. While the Lexus would likely get a larger engine. it's not known if the company will go that large. Meanwhile Toyota is apparently not ignoring the challenge posed by the new Ford Fusion hybrid which the Dearborn automaker is claiming will beat the current Camry's fuel economy by 5 mpg. A redesigned Camry is due for 2011 which will inherit the updated hybrid hardware from the new Prius, reducing the cost and improving mileage. If the image is accurate it too will also get a bolder looking front end than the current Camry.

[Source: VW Vortex]

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