Fioravanti-designed Ferrari SP1 first product of Portfolio coachbuilding program

You remember that mystery Ferrari prototype that was spied at Fiorano back in August? After initial speculation settled down, the prevailing wisdom suggested that the car in question was a one-off coachbuilt creation designed by former Pininfarina (and now independent) stylist Fioravanti for one wealthy customer. In the second issue of Ferrari's official magazine, the reports were confirmed. We're still trying to get a hold of those images for you, but in the meantime the report has hit the internet.

Called the SP1 (for Sport Prototype 1), the Fioravanti-designed special was built for prominent Ferrari collector and Japanese business executive Junichiro Hiramatsu and forms the first product of Maranello's new Portfolio program. The initiative gives the extremely wealthy the opportunity to collaborate with various Italian design houses (including Fioravanti, Pininfarina and Zagato) with full factory support to commission custom creations. The unique vehicles can be based on the Enzo, F430 or 612 (the 599 and new California remaining, for the time being, outside the program), and need to retain certain structural requirements and ultimately meet Ferrari's measure of taste, but beyond that, the sky's the limit. The sky, and your bank account, of course.


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