It's been possible to buy a Quantya electric motorcycle over the internet for a while but now you can do your dealings the old fashioned brick-and-mortar way. Shredelectric has just been named as the first dealership in a nation-wide network of retailers to carry the Swiss-born bikes. Shredelectric is owned by Chris Karol who is not only a former Snowboarding World Champion and Olympic Team Coach, but also a big fan of motorcycles. The fact that this one is electric has him pretty fired up. He says, "I have a long history in the action sports industry and I have worked with many cutting edged products throughout the years, but I have yet to be as excited as I am now about the electric motorcycles we are bringing into the U.S." Besides being able to check out the bikes at the Shredelectric store in Chelsea, Vermont, the company also organizes tours and can provide training. They can also handle any maintenance or warranty issues that might arise.

Quantya now has two models available, the off road-only Track and the street-ready Strada. The Track will sell for less than $9,999 and is all about "power and speed" while the only slightly more refined Strada is D.O.T. approved and will be under the $11,000 mark. In case you're worried that the necessary extra lighting on the street model will take away from your approximate 2.5 hours of drive time, you can relax. The Strada has a separate lithium battery to supply juice for those accessories. If you're interested in these bikes but don't live in the New England area you will be pleased to learn that Quantya will be announcing other new locations in the near future. Press release after the break.

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Electric Motorcycle Company Partners with Action Sports Guru Chris Karol to Launch First U.S. Dealership'

From Snowboarding Pioneer to Eco-Conscious Entrepreneur, Former World Champion Snowboarder Chris Karol Offers Electric Motorcycles to the Masses

SYOSSET, N.Y., Nov. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Swiss electric motorcycle manufacturer, Quantya, is excited to announce their partnership with Shredelectric (, an action sports retailer dedicated to fun innovative outdoor equipment and training. Shredelectric will be the first dealership in a national network of retailers for their eco-conscious, electric motorcycle. With growing public concern over global warming and fuel costs, electric vehicles have become increasingly popular. Shredelectric will provide the New England marketplace with direct access to the new and exciting electric vehicle industry. Complementing the New England retail offering, Shredelectric promotes tours and events for velocity, endurance and motor sports throughout the world.

Quantya has already experienced a huge success in Europe, where eco-conscious motorcycle enthusiasm mixed with Swiss engineering and craftsmanship has led to the creation of a high performance zero-emissions electric motorcycle. "Where most of our competitors are still trying to work out the bugs in their prototypes, we have a time tested product which is backed up with a full 2 year warranty", said Claudio Dick, CEO and founder of Quantya. Quantya motorcycles are manufactured in the idyllic Swiss city of Lugano where serenity and technology have inspired the development of the world's sturdiest and most environmentally advanced electric motorcycle.

"I have a long history in the action sports industry and I have worked with many cutting edged products throughout the years, but I have yet to be as excited as I am now about the electric motorcycles we are bringing into the U.S.," said Chris Karol, CEO of Shredelectric. Shredelectric is owned and operated by snowboarding pioneer Chris Karol, who is a former Snowboarding World Champion, Olympic Team Coach and longtime motorcycle enthusiast. Karol says, "Escalating gas prices have greatly increased demand for electric motorcycles in this area of the country over the last year." In response to tightening regulations concerning noise and emissions, motocross riders now have the option to ride their favorite trails without disturbing or polluting the environment.

Shredelectric currently offers two of the three bikes which Quantya manufactures. The "Strada", which is a Dual Sport and street legal model, retails for under $11,000 and is designed for the urban professional who likes to get his boots dirty on the weekend. The motocross inspired "Track", appeals to the race enthusiast who loves power and speed, and sells for less than $9,999. In addition to offering a full line of accessories, tours and training, Shredelectric will provide a full-service maintenance center to address any potential warranty and parts needs.

About Quantya

"Swiss Electric Movement" is the result of eco-conscious motorcycle enthusiasts who started the development and distribution of zero-emission high performance electric motorcycles. Quantya USA, part of the Swiss Electric Movement, wants to bring the massive success of the Quantya electric motorcycles to the US market. Quantya USA, the exclusive importer and distributor for the USA and Canada, is located in Syosset, NY and more information can be found at

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