We were just recently telling you about how Neil Young and his LincVolt project crew want to begin making similarly-powered vehicles for other people and now that we've learned more about what makes his '59 Lincoln go, we're back to fill you in. From what we can glean from the information now available, it seems the powertrain consists of a rotary engine from a Mazda RX7 running on compressed natural gas (CNG) which powers a generator that, in turn, powers the car's batteries. The batteries power the motor from UQM. At least, that's how it works for now.

Listening to conversation recorded at last week's Dreamforce conference where the car and crew made an appearance, one can hear Young's partner, Johnathan Goodwin, say, in explaining how they we expand on their currently claimed 50 mpg performance, "...we have other technology on there that will get us past our 100 mpg point..." Oh, really? More listening reveals that Goodwin is working on a small turbine which will be fueled by hydrogen. The hydrogen is to be derived from water via electrolysis with, we suppose, electricity generated from..., well, we're not sure. The Lincoln is definitely a big car but we suspect there may not be enough room under the hood for both a rotary engine and a turbine. In any case, the claims made of achieving "over-unity" (more energy put out than that put in) with this set-up were too absurd to continue listening further and we turned our attention back to the new neat-o stuff on this car that actually works. Hit the jump for more details as well as video of the LincVolt cruising to a concert in California.

[Source: LincVolt.com / Youtube]

The other bit of LincVolt news is that they have another website. This site, among other things, will supply live data from the car straight to the net. It's also a place where you can give your own ideas to the LincVolt crew and their growing community as well as vote and comment on already-posted suggestions from others. If that's not enough, there is even a place where you can upload a picture of your ride that you would like to have, eventually, LincVolted. If that's not enough to satisfy your LincVolt habit, you can check them out when they're live on Ustream. Have fun!

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