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It's amusing how much Automoblox acts like a full-scale automaker. The maker of heirloom-quality toy cars features a full line-up of models to satisfy the imaginary needs of any toddler, and has even begun branching out into niche models like the go-anywhere X9-X sport utility, A9-S sport compact convertible and high-performance S9-R sport sedan and C9-R sport coupe. Just like a real automaker, Automoblox has realized that the discerning 6-year-old may be looking for something sporty but not as single-minded as the R-line. Thus, it has introduced the C9-S berlinetta (MSRP $38.00) to fill the gap in between the base C9 and super sporty C9-R.

The C9-S features the same extended-wheelbase wooden body and lowered ride height as the C9-R, but loses the high-downforce front and rear spoilers and side sills. In their place is a more modest rear wing and "aluminum" wheels that require a minimum suspension of disbelief (they're actually plastic). The C9-S also gets a dose of reflective "paint" to simulate a metallic roof and body connectors.

Yes, these are just toys, but we so enjoy the way in which Automoblox founder and designer Patrick Calello treats his toy car company like a real one that we can't help but play in his world. Imagination is what really powers his cars, and we're happy using ours to follow along.

[Source: Automoblox]

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