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Hey, it's Sunday, so let's take a look at the comic pages, shall we? Dilbert creator Scott Adams breaks out his anti-hybrid car message with some regularity and every now and then it's fun to take a look at what he's up to. Back in February, we noticed that he had written a post on his blog tearing apart the Auto X Prize. This week, we rediscovered his "hybrid drivers are stupid" comic, which (to me) doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The point that Dogbert makes that if we don't buy the oil - and therefore don't support the terrorists - then someone else will has got some reasoning behind it. For the foreseeable future, sure, all the oil that's produced will get bought. But to take a Dogbert-like head-in-the-sand approach ain't right. Then again, perhaps we needn't read too much into comic characters. If we want to, though, we see that Opus, dearly departed Opus, is a bit more sympathetic to the greenies.

[Source: Dilbert]

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