The often-maligned three-wheeled Zap Xebra is getting some upgrades, after shipping a record number of vehicles last quarter, that could make it a much better vehicle overall. We don't think that anything has been changed that would potentially give the Xebra more range or more power, but an all-steel body definitely is an improvement over the old model's fiberglass unit. Another big change is the addition of a hatchback at the rear of the vehicle, which will make loading objects into the vehicle quite a bit easier. To go along with the hatch, the rear set of seats now folds flat so bigger items can be loaded inside. The interior also sees a bit of freshening and now includes power door locks and reclining seats.

Also new is the Zapino electric scooter, boasting a top speed of 30 miles per hour and a range of 30 miles. We've pasted a video detailing the upgrades to the Xebra along with the introduction of the Zapino for your viewing pleasure after the jump.

[Source: ZAP]


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