SEMA 2008: Charger Coupe shows up in General Lee trim

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We had heard rumors that there was going to be a Dodge Charger Coupe at SEMA this year. We had hoped it would be something like the Charger show car from several years ago, the black one that looked a lot like the bad guy's car in Bullitt. In fact, that car was supposed to be made and shown at SEMA, but we never tracked it down. What we did find was probably just as good. If it wasn't going to be black, it might as well have been orange, and orange it was. Orange with a black confederate flag on the roof and a big "01" on the doors. Yep, it was the General Lee. In a year when we saw a Fast and Furious real Charger, a Bullitt movie Mustang, the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters, and a smart fortwo that had made a trip to the Batcave, it was probably inevitable that we would find the General amidst all of the Challengers and other MOPARS on display. Not that we're complaining or anything.

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