California, say hello to the bullet train. In the big election America held on Tuesday, one transportation-related measure that passed was California's Proposition 1A, named the "Safe, Reliable High Speed Passenger Train Bond Act." Its passage means that almost $10 billion in bond money was approved for an electric train route that will connect San Francisco and Sacramento with Southern California (LA and down to San Diego). Clean transportation advocates are pretty thrilled with the vote, calling it "a clear affirmation of high-speed trains" and saying that better public transportation was "critical to solving global warming and creating real energy independence" as ENS reports. Once completed, the state estimates that a LA to San Francisco trip will take two and a half hours and cost $55. Learn all about the plans for the new train here.

When we first mentioned this train back in March, some of you were skeptical that it would ever pass. What say you now?

[Source: State of California, ENS, TreeHugger]

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