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While it can be argued that the current Corvette is the best ever built, there are those who would say the C6 is, well, homogenized. Safe. Boring, even, at least in the looks department.

Christian Cyrulewski would be among those who are visually disinterested in the current Corvette. But instead of grousing about it over a beer or six with the local Corvette club, he's taken matters into his own hands and come up with the C3R. In his words, that stands for "third-generation retro Corvette based on the sixth-generation (C6) platform."

Christian's website is short on details but rife with renderings of a curvaceous custom Corvette based on the latest platform out of Bowling Green. Top Speed says Christian plans to cruise the Woodward Dream Cruise next year in a C3R prototype, and if there's enough interest, could offer a kit version of the car. Like your retro-styled muscle cars with actual muscle? Top Speed says Christian also plans a 427-powered version of the kit complete with side pipes. No word yet on pricing, availability, or, heck, validity of the C3R, but we'll keep ya posted.

[Source: Top Speed]

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